Warning: most of this is just speculation.

What is this server thing? KAMS? Huh?
KAMS (Kingdoms of Ahln Mud Server) is the not-very-clever name for the software I am writing for this game. But, rather than keep it all to myself, it might be more useful if other people could take advantage of and help improve the basic code itself. Therefore, KAMS is the 'codebase' for the game, which anyone can use to make their own game, if they wish. You can check it out here.

Okay, what will be the theme of the game, when there actually is a game?
I'm actually re-thinking this at the moment.

Instead of specifying an acronym, let me just tell you what I think. Out-of-character stuff ruins a lot of games, in my opinion. When I'm in the game, I want to be in the game, not hearing people argue about current events. So, when the game is up and running, you will be expected to remain in-character while in the game, with exceptions of course for helping people play the game. As far as player-killing goes, I haven't completely made up my mind about that. Yes, there will be PK in the game. In fact, the way I'm going about the combat system is with PK in mind. However, I personally dislike it, so there will be ways of avoiding it for people who wish to do so.

Levels, classes, races, skills?
Levels I am still thinking about, there will be no explicit classes. Exactly one playable race: humans.
Skills will fall into four big categories: survival, combat, magic, and crafting. Within those categories are many options, and you may pick and choose skills to create a character that fits your desires. Want to be a sorceror? Concentrate on learning offensive magic. Want to be a paladin? Focus on swordfighting and healing spells. What about a thief? Learn lots of sneaking skills and how to knife-fight. As much as possible, it's up to the player to decide what they want to learn.

How will combat work?
It may be different from what you might expect. For example, nothing is done automatically for you, everything will be manual. Especially important are defensive moves, such as parrying and dodging. The types of attacks and defenses you can use and which are effective will be based on what weapons (or magic) you are using and what your enemy is using. Since everything is manual, if both parties stop typing in commands, combat stops. Plus, no one can force you into a fight. That doesn't mean it turns into a speed-typing race, however. Once an attack is launched, there is a delay during which the attacked can respond.

So, why are you doing this? I mean, writing a MUD from scratch?
Well, the reasons and motivations behind my taking on such a project are varied and complex but, I suppose, if you needed a nice, succinct answer to your question, I would say: because I wanna.

But don't you know about [name] codebase which does all this already and is really awesome?
Probably not.

Then why are you writing your own?
Because I'm actually more interested in creating an interesting game than pushing and shoving to have the biggest/bestest MUD in the world. Rather than trying to find a codebase which fits exactly what I want, or modifying one to fit my needs, I can have the experience of going through and making it all myself, just the way I want. While wading through someon else's code can be quite edifying, I'd rather wade through my own.

What language are you writing Kingdoms of Ahln in?

Are you writing a codebase and a game? Or just a new codebase?
Both. But right now the codebase has considerable priority. The game itself is mostly simmering at the moment.

When will you be done?
Probably never. But I expect to be somewhere quite significant within a year. Whatever that means.

Oh? When did you start?
March 2006...oh. I guess I'd better get moving, instead of answering all these questions.

How far along is the project right now?
It's hard to quantify. Check the status page and the forums for the most up-to-date information.

How can I contribute?
Any way you would like. I am very open to feedback on the forums, you can make suggestions or whatever.

But I want to build areas/hack code!
Really? Maybe you should mention that on the forums.

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